The Positicker

THE PROBLEM: This block, a popular site for transit and rushed pedestrians, has no spaces to sit down and rest. With a myriad of “on-the-go” stores and restaurants, it is easy for inhabitants to feel stressed and rushed. Passerbys forget to “stop and smell the roses,” and in exchange for quick commutes and easy accessibility, lose some positive energy.

THE THOUGHT: I was brainstorming ways in which objects of the past relayed ounces of positivity to their user, while trying to contextualize it in a sidewalk environment.

THE INTERVENTION: The Positicker (Posi=Positivity, Ticker) is a device that resembles a deli ticket counter, in which passerbys can grab as many tickets as they see fit. On the tickets are quotes, anecdotes, stories, short poems and other uplifting messages to promote positivity and relaxation among its users. If it’s a really bad/rushed day, one might consider taking several tickets before getting on the subway so that by the time they arrive at their destination, their spirits are lifted. The tickers will be placed on every third of the block, and suggestions for content may be submitted online.


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