Alexander Ho’s Design Intervention for 6th Avenue between West 8th Street and Waverly Place, East

When walking down 6th Avenue between Waverly Place and West 8th, I quickly took notice to the vendors selling on the street. It was a late fall day, and it was definitely on the cusp of rain. The men began to tarp the goods and the carts of umbrellas began to come out, then I began to wonder– these vendors need shelters, shelters that the stores have behind them. When I thought about it, these people here have a very simple and unadulterated business where design is non-existent. There’s no false sense of product identity– all these people need are the basics. With that in mind, and adapting Bryan Bell’s project’s to intervene based on individual need, I took on to grasp the fundamental needs of people, which led me to review Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The environment in which these vendors are situated do not have access to fundmental shelter and homeostasis, thus I conceptualized a shlter which can provide coverage for a less-than-perfect day, business can continue, the business owner (and the business owner’s goods) can stay dry, a heated glass plate can provide a bit of warmth for passerbys and the owner on a chilly day. Simple, Shelter.


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